Our Trip to Barcelona

La casa de Gaudi y el tiempo libre

After getting some rest after the flight and the bus ride we walked around the ciudad Barcelona. Then we wanted to dormir to get some rest before the next exciting dia. In the manana we despertamos and then levantamos. Nosotros duchamos and then vestimos y luego we went outside to salif our profesoras. We went to la casa the Gaudi, a famous Spanish architect. We all found it very beautiful and interesting. La casa es granda y alta. Luego we had a lot of el tiempo libre, so we went to La Rambla, a famous shopping calle in Barcelona. We looked for souvenirs and comer some typical Spanish comida. In the tarde we went out and bailar. It was so much fun.

Justyna Mikolajec and Astrid Price

Day Tres – We Went to the Gaudi Park.

The weather was muy bueno! The sun was blazing down on us....ahh, I was soo nice..... And may I add.... this had to be one of the biggest parques I’d ever seen.

It was originally built for private use, Guadi (a spanish artist) bought 60 plots of land to build Casas and Jardins on. Perra porque the houses and gardins were muy expensive, so no one wanted to buy them. In the end, only tres Casas were sold – uno bought by Gaudi himslf.....After he died, the Government bought all 60 plots and turned into public houses and parks.

Our favourite part of the Parque was the swings and slides! That was where mi y Charlie tomar como of Spanish HAM!! It was soo good ...

Then we walked around alot more, in doing so, found a good way to entertain ourselves.....we saw Senait y Dominika sitting – and proceeded to hide and throw stones at them – it was fun. J

We were there (at the park) for about 2 hours and then met at the place with the cool spanish guy who sang dont worry, bee happyy was. After getting lost so many times......

Kavita and Charlotte